# Orientation

Change the orientation of your image, by either flipping along its axes or rotating around the center.

# Flip &flipNew!

Flip the image about the vertical Y axis. This always occurs after rotation, if any.

<img src="//images.weserv.nl/?url=images.weserv.nl/lichtenstein.jpg&h=300&flip">


# Flop &flopNew!

Flop the image about the horizontal X axis. This always occurs after rotation, if any.

<img src="//images.weserv.nl/?url=images.weserv.nl/lichtenstein.jpg&h=300&flop">


# Rotation &ro=

Rotates the image by either an explicit angle or auto-orient based on the EXIF Orientation tag.

If an angle is specified, it is converted to a valid positive degree rotation. For example, -450 will produce a 270 degree rotation. When rotating by an angle other than a multiple of 90, the background color can be provided with the &rbg= parameter. See here for the supported color formats.

If no angle is provided, it is determined from the EXIF data.

<img src="//images.weserv.nl/?url=images.weserv.nl/lichtenstein.jpg&h=300&ro=45&rbg=red">